Return Of The Courts

So, there I was; innocently sitting at my laptop, browsing Tumblr, coughing up a lung, when something horrendous caught my eye.

This was posted on Topshop’s Tumblr with the caption The Court Shoe Returns:

I quickly saved this to my laptop under the name “monster” so I could upload it and share the pain with you all.

Topshop are trying to insinuate that Courts have come back from hell, somehow hypnotized people into believing they are nice and then affixed themselves to some poor, unsuspecting woman’s feet. How did this occur? What have we done to deserve such pain and torture?

I’m confused. I thought Topshop and I were friends, but clearly not.

I will not be supporting this movement.


~ by kingofthekoolkids on January 4, 2012.

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